What To Use – Hand Sanitizer or Soap?

It has almost been a year since widespread steps were taken to stop the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus virus. One of the most amazing things ideas that were floated was about the general cleanliness and hygiene of everyone. Never had I concerned myself with the need for toilet paper or clean hands. 2020 certainly brought this concern to the forefront.

Why it is so important to wash clean hands?

All-day, every day we touch various things and surfaces that are not clean and hygienic. We touch other people and various parts of our bodies after touching these things. In the case of dealing with a pandemic, we touch and spread the virus from surfaces to ourselves and others. Washing our hands removes the dirt and any bacteria or virus from our hands that continue to touch many things.

Hand Sanitizer killed my hands

Using an FDA-approved hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of over 60% is what the CDC has advised. I never used to use hand sanitizer before the COVID-19 pandemic. I found that the hand sanitizers left my hands sticky and with an awful smell. So now that being safe was high on my agenda, I was forcing myself to overcome the dislike that I have toward hand sanitizers.

I often find myself in a place that I can not wash my hands with soap and so a hand sanitizer was the only choice.

Is hand sanitizer truly comparable to soap?

Washing your hands with soap removes germs from your hands and prevents infections. Soap is made from various oils. The oils in the soap attach to dirt and microscopic organisms. As we rinse our hands with water, it washes away the soap, oil, bacteria, and other impurities away. Hand sanitizer works to kill the bacteria or viruses on our skin with alcohol. In the same way that alcohol is used to clean wounds, a hand sanitizer uses alcohol to disinfect our skin.

Hand sanitizer and soap work differently to achieve that same result, the only problem is that our skin is a living organism. Constant exposure to highly concentrated alcohol is not ideal, and many of us can testify to that.

Soap in seconds!

Soap in Seconds is a foaming soap and water formula that you can take with you anywhere. Basic soap and water have been the preferred way to prevent the spread of germs and viruses for hundreds of years. I prefer to use soap not only because the CDC continues to tout that washing your hands is the best way to prevent spreading germs and to stay clean. Soap is less harsh on my hands and doesn’t leave my hands dry.

Soap in seconds is as efficient as hand sanitizer for convenience but performs as soap. It is actually soap that you are washing your hands with! You will have clean hands that are not sticky and don’t smell like alcohol.

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