What Are the Benefits of Facials for Your Mature Skin?

Facials are one of those self-care things that we consider a luxury instead of a necessity. While we feel relaxed and pampered, a facial benefits our skin and our health! Aging brings many hardships on our body and menopause drastically affects the health of our skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and with its porous nature, our body absorbs and disposes nutrients and chemicals through it.  A facial benefits us in more ways than just feeling pampered.

What are some facial benefits?

Tends to Menopausal Skin

As our hormone levels change, we begin to notice our skin gets dry, wrinkles deepen, age spots get darker, and our pores increase in size (just to name a few menopausal effects!).  An accomplished Esthetician comprehends the negative effects of menopause and is attentive to the skin’s needs. By having facials regularly, every 4-6 weeks, your Esthetician will perceive and be more mindful of your skin’s changes and needs.    

Stimulates Circulation

A facial treatment includes massaging of the face. Massaging the skin improves blood circulation which in turn increases oxygen and distribution of nutrients to skin cells. The facial benefits are rejuvenated cells, giving a healthy, glowing skin.

Aids in Clearing Sinus Congestion

Gentle massaging of the sinus areas helps clear congestion. The massage stimulates the lymph nodes, encouraging drainage, and alleviating congestion.

Stress Reliever

Research shows that facial massages reduces anxiety and improves positivity. An hour of pampering will do that too!

Promotes Elasticity & Antiaging

A facial treatment exfoliates dead cells away, boosts cell regeneration, hydrates and moisturizes the skin. All of which promote elasticity and builds collagen. There are additional facial treatments to reduce aging such as Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels (just to name a couple).

Consider having a standing appointment monthly or at least every second month for a facial. Our maturing skin should be top-of-mind, not only for beauty, but for our health too.

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