The Best Blankets, Bed Sheets and Pillows for a Cool Sleep

Cooling blankets in Canada

Ive always been a hot sleeperI’ve been shouting Did somebody turn the aircon off?! in a murderous rage since I was six years old. Now that Ive become a Woman of a Certain Age And That Age is Definitely Not 23, my need for products that will keep me cooler at night has become a bit of an obsession.When you sleep, your body temperature goes down a couple of degrees, but the heat that you let off often gets trapped in your mattress, pillows and bedding, which then slowly cooks you as if you were a sweaty little sous vide snack.Here are some products that can help keep you cool. One caveat: sleepor lack of it!is the biggest factor that makes my life 1) suck or 2) not suck, so while some of these items are pricey, this is one area where I think spending a little more on quality goods is worth it.

Cooling Bed Sheets

Try: Casper Hyperlite SheetsFrom $139, CasperOK, when I heard about these sheets, I didnt believe the hype. Im generally of the opinion that most bed sheets are pretty much alike, but after trying these I can say with full authority that I BELIEVE.Made with Tencel lyocell, a super soft synthetic fibre, and grid weave for maximum breathability, these sheets are so weirdly light it feels as if youre sleeping under fairy wings. Now I dont even bother with any of my other sheetsjust wash this set and put it right back on the bed. Comes in Indigo, Dusty Rose, White, Grey and Fog Blue.

Cooling Weighted Blanket

Try: Gravid Weighted Blanket with Cooling CoverFrom $268 at GravidI love weighted blankets for their much-touted ability to help tossers and turners relax. But these blankets were pretty much a winter-only thing for me because I always found them too warm for the hotter months. Enter this blanket from Canadian brand Gravidboth the inner weighted blanket and outer cover are made from eucalyptus-derived Tencel lyocell which doesnt trap heat. The cover feels slippy and cool to the touch. It also attaches to the blanket with a neat zipper design that avoids the bunching Ive experienced with other weighted blankets. So far it only comes in a dark blueish greybut hope eterna

Cooling Fan and Air Purifier

Try: Dyson Purifier Cool$699, DysonYes, I have the aircon on blast and I also use a fansue me! While of course you can get a standard tower fan for a lot cheaper than this new high-tech version from Dyson, this baby does double duty as a heavy-duty HEPA air purifier, a bonus for someone like me who has allergies and minimal floor space for multiple appliances. You can control it with a remote or via a phone app. It has 10 different strengths, and also, isnt it sexy? If something is going to be a permanent fixture in your bedroom for four months of the year, its nice when its not ugly. Comes in dark/silver or white/silver.

Cooling Pillow

Try: Blu Sleep Ceramo Pillow$139, myblusleep.comThe fancy pillows from this Canadian brand are made with a breathable, high-tech foam that Blu Sleep claims is 3,000 times more cooling than standard memory foam. While I dont know about 3,000(!) times cooler, these pillows are definitely cool to the touch and come in both back and side sleeper styles (the side sleepers have a cut out for your shoulder). Theyre also infused with essential oils like lavender, chamomile and aloe. While I found they didnt smell too strongly and the scent faded pretty quickly, these might not work you if youre sensitive to fragrance or essential oils.

Cooling Mattress

Try: Casper Wave Hybrid Snow MattressFrom $2,545, CasperReal talk: I havent actually tried this mattress, but Ive been thinking about it since Casper launched their Cooling Collection thats all about keeping you up to 6 degrees cooler than other mattresses. The beds in this collection have snow technology, which includes a layer of cooling gel and breathable fabric that collects and moves heat away from your body, like some kind of superhero. While theres a slightly more affordable mattress in the collection (the Nova Hybrid Snow, starting at $2,095) this one is the most supportive for people with achy backs.

Cooling Duvet

Try: Simba DuvetFrom $299, Simba SleepA duvet made with space-inspired fabric technology, this baby keeps you cool but cozy with a hypoallergenic fibre fill thats embedded with semi-conducting minerals that draw heat away from the body and an outer layer made of breathable cotton.Cooling Duvet Cover

Try: Maison & Tess Coco Linen Duvet Cover$255, Maison and TessIts useless to have a cooling duvet if you just slap a synthetic, non-breathable cover on it, which is why I love my purposely rumply percale cotton and flax linen duvet from this eco-friendly Canadian brand. Comes in a range of muted pastels and chic earth tones.

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