Are Women Over 50 Working From Home Active Enough?

Americans have been living through the pandemic for nearly a year now, and its effects are still manifesting in various physical ways. Whether it is the aches from slumping over a computer or contracting the virus itself, many women over 50 are feeling the impact of working from home.

Working from home is a whole new ball game and you may have been tempted at some point to just work in your pajamas. While not preparing for the day and maintaining your hygiene can have an impact on your mental health, there are very real side effects for your physical well-being too.

From studies done over the pandemic, here are some alarming statistics;

The rising need for Physical Therapy 

A common source of pain comes from working from home (WFH). Sitting static for hours at a time and improper equipment set-up contribute to poor posture and pesky aches. As a result, PT is needed to treat such cases. People do not wish to invest in suitable desks, chairs, and other equipment. Once the pandemic is over they believe that they will return to the workplace and have no use for the new purchases. Physical therapists already treat 70% of musculoskeletal conditions like back, neck, shoulder, and joint pain that more than half of U.S. adults regularly experience, they’re the perfect people to treat remote-working patients.

You may need to make the investment if your employer isn’t. With the 1 year mark of lockdowns looming, there is a likelihood that you may be working from home a lot longer.

Reduce the pain and aches

The one major problem about working from home is that we lack structure and routine. Driving into the office forced us to get up, get dressed, and be on time. When working from home we lack the structures. It is easy to become absorbed in the workflow and have the day pass you by.

Don’t get stuck on your bed

While it may seem intuitive to not be having meetings and working from your bed, you would be surprised by how many people are. It is an invasion of your private and personal space. Sitting (or lying) on a bed while you work is not good for you.

Keep to your breaks

If you had scheduled breaks in the office, be sure to take advantage of these even though you are home. Get up, walk around your home and break away from the computer screen and desk. This is a great time to stretch a little too if you can not leave the house.

Take lunch away from the computer

Be sure to actually get your lunch away from the computer. While it gives you a break, it is also important for your digestive system as you concentrate on what you are eating. If you are able to get out of the house, take a walk around the block. In a normal office setting, you will easily get a couple of thousand steps a day. Walking to and from meetings and over to others, offices help you stay active.

Stretch while sitting at the computer

If you have ever flown on long-distance flights, you will have been introduced to some of the stretches. These stretches are encouraged for you when seated for long periods. You can easily stretch your leg and lower back muscles very quickly while seated.

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