4 Things Every Woman Over 50 Needs to Know about Hormonal Health

Are you a woman who has just recently turned 50 years old? If so, there is no doubt a mixture of emotions that you are feeling. Sure, it is a time to celebrate, and at 50 years old, you may be more comfortable in your body than you were in your younger years. Your kids are now likely a little older and may even be getting ready to move out soon, and you’ve probably gotten to the point in life where self-acceptance and self-love may becoming more natural. And while all of that is wonderful, there can also be stress surrounding the aging process, in particular how aging affects your hormonal health.

Hormonal health is something you probably didn’t give much thought to 10, even five years ago, but now as you approach 50, it suddenly becomes a topic of interest. So, what is there to know? Let’s break down four things that every woman over 50 needs to know about her hormonal health.

Sleep Deprivation Can Be a Real Issue

One thing you may start to notice once you turn 50 is that your sleep habits start to change. Sleep deprivation is something many women complain about as they age, and there is a reason for this. This is often the time when women start to experience hot flashes and night sweats as they get closer or enter into menopause. This can cause them to toss and turn through the night, and just not have the same quality or quantity of sleep.

There are medications that can help, but doctors also recommend that you make some lifestyle changes. These include eating a healthy well-balanced diet, not overdoing it on spicy foods, reducing your alcohol intake, and making sure you stay at a healthy body weight.

Consider a Natural HGH Option

If you’ve been looking into the prospect of using HGH (human growth hormone) as a way to repair, maintain, and even build the tissue found in your organs and brain, you may want to consider a natural option instead. Human Growth Hormone can be quite expensive, and it may not be a viable option simply because of the cost. A natural HGH such as sermorelin therapy is more cost-effective than HGH, which could help to push you in that direction.

Some of the ways in which sermorelin therapy can help is to better your quality of sleep, improve your overall mood, and help you to build lean muscle and strength. It can also speed up your metabolism, boost your energy levels, strengthen your ligaments and joints, and more. The best plan is to speak to your doctor about the potential benefits.

There Can Be Changes in Your Skin

Another change that women start to go through issues with their skin. If you feel like your skin has been looking dull, dry, and even a bit flaky, you can likely attribute this to a slowdown in cell turnover. This is caused by the reduction in estrogen. It’s quite common to also notice your skin appearing less plump. This is often a great time to re-assess your skincare routine and possibly change up and introduce new products that better address your skin concerns.

Aches and Pains Start to Pop Up

People often associate aches and pains with age, and while they can go hand-in-hand for women, it can actually be due to the decrease in estrogen levels. This can lead to osteoporosis, joint pain, and those typical aches and pain.

So, while there are chances that you will be going through due to your hormones, the fact is that aging is something that should be celebrated and embraced, not feared.

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