4 Signs You Should Finally Get the Plastic Surgery You’ve Always Wanted

Have you been thinking about plastic surgery for the last couple of months? You’re not alone! In fact, the global pandemic has millions of people considering it. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently surveyed 1000 people with no previous plastic surgery experience and found that about 50% were now open to getting their first procedure.

But how do you know when it’s time to actually take the plunge and book an appointment. Is perusing liposuction before and after pictures just idle web browsing? Or is there something deeper going on?

  1. You Look Tired (or Older) Than You Feel

Do people tell you that you look tired all the time? Are you getting really sick of it?

There is nothing worse than people’s tacit little ways of telling you that you don’t look good. This could include:

  •   Did you not sleep last night?
  •   Are you feeling OK?
  •   You look like you’ve been working really hard lately!

Even if we take care of ourselves, eat right, and get enough sleep, we can’t stop the aging process. We can’t prevent our skin from naturally losing elasticity. This causes sagging and an overall fatigued appearance.

This is what leads hundreds of thousands of people to get a facelift every year. They’re looking to add a rested and youthful look back to their face.

  1. You’ve Never Liked Something About Yourself

It’s also possible that you have always felt insecure about something and wanted to fix it for years.

If you don’t love your nose, you have probably thought about getting a nose job (rhinoplasty) for years now. Or, if you’ve always felt you have a weak chin, you may have considered chin implants.

These insecurities can be compounded when we start to see other signs of aging show up on our faces.

  1. You’ve Gone as Far as Diet and Exercise Can Take You

Losing weight gets more difficult with age, as our metabolisms slow down to a frustrating crawl.

You could be doing all of the right things and living a healthy lifestyle. But you may still see a few stubborn pounds that just refuse to leave.

The ideal liposuction or non-surgical body contouring candidate is actually someone just like you. If you’re eating well and exercising regularly, but just need a little help to get where you want to be, your healthy lifestyle will help ensure that the weight doesn’t come back.

  1. You Hate Video Calls

One of the biggest reasons that more people are thinking about plastic surgery during COVID-19 lockdown is the sheer volume of video calls we’re on every single day. You might be jumping on Zoom calls for work in the morning, and then checking in with loved ones over FaceTime in the evening.

If you’re finding yourself looking at your own image on these calls, you’re not alone. And if you hate the way these calls make you feel, you’re definitely not alone.

Is it time for you to finally get the plastic surgery you’ve always wanted? We can’t answer that for you. It’s an incredibly personal decision. But, it may be worth your while to speak to a board-certified plastic surgeon to at least see what is possible.

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